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Śnieżka SA

Case Study

Śnieżka SA

One of the 25th largest European producers of paints and varnish.

Client overview

Śnieżka is the leader of the paints and varnishes market in Poland and Ukraine, as well as the leader of the base coats market in Belarus. The company manufactures approximately 190 million kilograms of products annually, for the domestic and foreign markets.

The brand stands out for its 35-year long experience in the production of paints and varnishes, having over 1000 employees comprising the entire capital group and being the only company in the chemical industry listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Primary Client objective

In order to maintain its market share and continue being the leader in its field, Śnieżka needed solutions during their business transformation and IT project for optimizing their work. The challenge was to do this fast, accurately in order for them to carry out their business without glitches. Śnieżka also needed to be more agile, have higher security of their SAP systems and ability to adopt emerging technologies in order to maintain their competitive advantage.

Our solution

The main technical aspects that SE16N tackled were meant to add value to the business and help them get accustomed to the new technical solutions implemented.

Here are a few focus points of the solution:

  • Digital transformation which improved the agility of the business through new technologies put in place;
  • Smart data integration mechanisms so that the company can visualize with ease a large volume of data, manipulate it faster and extract information relevant for their organization;
  • High-performance analytics and real-time data processing that are essential for staying on top of the market;
  • Reduced costs of IT infrastructure because everything happens in the cloud and the prices are affordable;
  • Infrastructure replacement that allows the organization to keep up to the changing market demands.

Key Project Activities

During the collaboration within this project, the SE16N team made sure that:

  1. Detailed analysis of the current state of the business processes has been carried out;

  2. A plan was in place with what needs to happen and where SE16N needs to support the implementation;

  3. Implementation of SAP Solutions in the AWS environment, by following these steps:

  • Installation and Technical Configuration of systems: SAP S/4HANA, SAP CAR, SAP NW PO 7.5, SAP Fiori Frontend 5.0, SAP Solution Manager 7.2, SAP Model Company for Retail;
  • Installation and Configuration of Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager;
  • Installation and Configuration of Smart Data Integration mechanisms SAP S/4HANA upgrade from version 1709FSPO2 to 1809FSP01;
  • Technical Configuration of interfaces (users, connections, SAML) between Cloud and on-premise systems - SAP Analytics Cloud, Identity Provider, SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Commerce, SAP Cloud for Customers, SAP S/4HANA, SAP CAR.
  1. Maintenance and support of systems in the AWS cloud.

The Benefits

The solutions provided and implemented up to this point have improved the business in the following main areas:

  • Faster business processes;
  • Reduced database size;
  • Reinventing of hardware infrastructure in order to make processes more agile and innovation-focused;
  • Systems update and increased security for SAP systems.


The work entrusted to you was done in line with our expectations. The cooperation went smoothly and without any conflicts, guaranteeing us high service quality and timely fulfillment of orders. We can recommend SE16N as a reliable partner, with an experienced and qualified team of consultants.

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