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SE16N carries out the integration process between SAP applications and between SAP applications and external applications. To carry out the integration, SE16N specialists use the SAP Process Orchestration (SAP PO) or SAP Cloud Integration (SAP CPI) tools. SAP PO has all the tools needed to carry out effective integration in accordance with good SAP practices. In addition to SAP PO, we also use SAP Integration Suite in the process of integrating applications in the cloud environment. The equivalent of SAP PO in such a project is SAP Cloud Integration (SAP CPI), which has a full set of tools enabling the implementation of comprehensive integration processes. At the client's request, we also create internal interfaces and to external systems directly from the SAP ERP system without the use of SAP Process Orchestration.

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    To make working in a complex multi-system environment easier, SAP developers use an integration tool. The SAP PI / PO solution allows you to configure communication between systems, i.e. a combination of SAP and non-SAP systems. If your business units have common relationships and are dispersed within one organization or are outside the enterprise, it is worth considering organizing the integration. This can be done by gathering all integrations and connections in one place, which is the SAP PI / PO integration tool. Such a tool can be treated as a central point connecting various systems and ensuring monitoring of transmitted information.

  • Cloud Platform Integration

    Cloud Platform Integration

    Cloud Platform Integration - is a system integration portal. SE16N developers use the Cloud Platform Integration service to create connections in any configuration in the customer's environment. Integration can run between any type of system. You can create connections between SAP and non-SAP systems, you can connect different SAP applications and repositories and any IT environment. Cloud Platform Integration is a service thanks to which we can combine solutions regardless of whether our resources are located in the cloud or in an on-premis environment. Cloud Platform Integration enables real-time data processing to span multiple enterprises or departments within a single organization.

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