SAP Counterparty verification
Ministry of Finance

SAP Counterparty verification

Checking the contractor by NIP (Tax identification number) allows you to check the tax status of the contractor in the database of the Ministry of Finance and in the VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) and ANAF Romania databases.

  • Obligation to check the contractor

    On September 1, 2019, the provisions obliging entrepreneurs to verify contractors whether they are active VAT payers came into force. Our solution verifies the contractor's NIP (Tax identification number) number in the KAS (National Tax Administration) database and on the VIES (VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) platform. The results of the performed control are saved in the SAP ERP system, from where they can be easily reported.

  • Why is NIP control useful in everyday business?

    Our solution offers several benefits:

    • Verification of the NIP of contractors in the database of the Ministry of Finance, which fulfills the requirement of due diligence
    • Verification of the NIP of contractors in the VIES system (EU)
    • Verification of the NIP (Tax identification number) of contractors in the ANAF system (Romania)
    • Mass verification of the file of contractors in the system
    • Record of the results of the inspection in the database
    • Reporting the history of the checks carried out and changes in the contractor's status
    • Flexible integration with existing processes
    • Possibility to verify NIP (Tax identification number) from outside the SAP ERP system
    • Possibility to create a central NIP (Tax identification number) control point in the SAP ERP system for the entire application environment by providing a web service or an RFC module
    • API objects enabling additional use of the tool
    • Integration with our White List tool
    • Easy business unit configuration to control the operation of the extension and define

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