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Faster, harder, harder: these words could have come from the mouth of a Wall Street financier, but it's not greed. Simply put, the owner of a successful business needs more space to store information, access files from multiple devices, and protect data adequately. Yes, small is beautiful - as long as the costs of purchasing or maintaining servers are at stake. With your feet firmly on the ground, you head towards the public cloud. Because SAP in the cloud gives you the certainty that you will pay only for the services you really need.

At SE16N, we know what this change entails: we ourselves have come a long way from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. And precisely because we have participated in this process many times, we know how to avoid obstacles to a successful transformation.

We offer our clients he transfer of the entire infrastructure to the public cloud, regardless of which solution they choose: SAP on AWS, SAP on Azure or SAP on Google Cloud. We are able to fully use the mechanisms of a given platform to design cloud services that meet the needs of the architecture of a given system. We will also take care of optimizing the consumption of cloud resources, adjusting the environment to generate the lowest possible costs.

Our offer

  • Analysis


    We analyze the client's environment and prepare a plan for the migration of SAP solutions to the cloud. Our specialists will verify the SAP infrastructure and assess the readiness to transfer resources. Together with the client, we audit the most important elements of architecture and develop a concept for building an appropriate cloud environment. All works are performed in accordance with the best practices, so that the new infrastructure fully meets the requirements of users.

  • Pilot


    If you are interested in the concept of creating a new cloud architecture, it is a good idea to test the solution first. Specialists from SE16N focus on the freedom and flexibility of development, thanks to which we can start the migration with a pilot project. During the pilot project, we will adapt solutions in accordance with the client's goals. We discuss potential solutions and approaches to work out the best scenario together. The pilot project is the time when we will be able to test the new architecture and evaluate its functionality. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to understand the process of building a new environment and the way it functions. If the developed concept of a new architecture meets the client's requirements, it can be used to create a new production environment.

  • SAP migration to the cloud

    SAP migration to the cloud

    Migration of systems to the cloud affects many aspects of the organization's functioning. It stands for digital transformation. It requires not only the involvement of the IT team, but also business, finance, HR and many other departments of the company.

    In order to effectively carry out the migration process and launch services in the new environment, a full understanding of the problems and challenges associated with this process is required.

    We will move the systems to the cloud and make sure that the solution is cost-effective. Each client who implements a cloud solution and starts using new services in this cloud starts another gear for the development of his own business.

  • Multicloud


    We are focused on a flexible approach to creating infrastructure based on many cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP).

    If your company's solutions are focused on the use of different types of cloud services, we can help you configure them. Multicloud architecture has many advantages, because we optimize costs at the level of selecting a cloud service, not a provider. SE16N specialists who have participated in many projects know the best sides of each cloud provider (AWS, Azure, GCP). We will configure the optimal Multicloud solution for your enterprise, so that you can use the necessary tools at the best price in the market.

  • Hybrid cloud

    Hybrid cloud

    The organization provides itself with great flexibility when using private infrastructure and resources in the cloud. The customer opens up to new opportunities that may be needed on demand, while using proven solutions on physical machines. Such scenarios provide the possibility of immediate scaling during demand spikes. It also translates into security and continuity of the system functioning. SE16N consultants build and configure hybrid infrastructures based on the optimization of costs related to the use of resources.

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