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The broadly understood SAP technologies are a fascinating sphere that we have a special interest in. Such an approach is both the cause and the effect of knowledge honed over the years, which today we boldly refer to as expert knowledge. Several dozen of our specialists gained experience during projects carried out for Polish and foreign companies. High qualifications and competences in the technological area are also confirmed by numerous certificates obtained by SE16N consultants. Let us add that our philosophy of supporting enterprises in long-term development is based on compliance with all regulations, best business practices and environmental protection principles.

We specialize in the areas of ABAP or BASIS, as well as integration taking place both within the SAP system itself and between this environment and other IT systems (we use the SAP Process Orchestration integration bus).

We offer configuration of SAP services with high availability and Disaster Recovery (i.e. disaster recovery). Our consultants create the security architecture, conduct audits and system reviews.

We also have technological and business competences in the SAP Hybris area.

Combining various systems allows us to create solutions of a completely new quality and efficiency - this approach places us among the small group of companies that offer their customers unique services in the SAP area.

Our offer



    We offer our clients unique services within the following SAP areas:

    Installation - as part of the service we install new systems from the SAP Business Suite family (ERP, CRM, PLM, SRM, SCM) and SAP NetWeaver (BW, EP, PI, MDM, GW, IDM, SSO, CE, CS ). Depending on the chosen solution and initial requirements, we agree with the client an installation model, the use of solutions ensuring the continuity of the production system and the target architecture.

    Patching - we provide services of updating SAP environments to the latest versions of components, both in the area of ​​operating systems, databases, kernel and SAP components. We monitor systems on an ongoing basis - orders from EWA reports (EarlyWatch Alert Report) are implemented in the systems.

    Upgrade - a technical upgrade is the process of upgrading the version of the components of the SAP system environment while maintaining the existing functionality and customer solutions. Together with the client, we develop the project schedule and the technical concept of the upgrade, perform the upgrade, adjust the dictionary and programming objects, and, if necessary, migrate the systems to Unicode. We help to perform dimensioning for the target environment and advise on how to go through the upgrade project, taking into account other systems and relationships between them.

    Integration - we integrate SAP system environments with each other, as well as with third-party systems. As recommended by SAP, we recommend using the SAP integration bus (Process Orchestration) to integrate the SAP environment with third-party systems. We design and build safe and reliable solutions.

    System copy - automatic copy of SAP systems guarantees safety in case of failure or data loss. Apart from the standard approach and placing data in local infrastructure, we offer data backup to the public cloud AWS (Amazon Web Services), Azure or Google. Additionally, we implement Data Recovery Center launch projects in Amazon Web Services. This approach minimizes infrastructure maintenance costs and increases safety in the event of failure.

    Migration - Migration of SAP environments is a service addressed to customers who plan to change the technical platform or change the database in the SAP system environment. Our offer includes joint preparation of the schedule, the concept of migration and the migration of the SAP system environment.

    Dimensioning - When deciding to migrate SAP systems to the SAP HANA platform, our support, competences and experience are key, especially during hardware dimensioning, architecture design, as well as data export and import.

    Technical concept - Our team of SAP architects helps clients to prepare and design the optimal IT architecture of the SAP environment, responding to business requirements and using the latest components of the SAP system.

  • S/4HANA Conversion

    S/4HANA Conversion

    To meet the information announced by SAP that support for the SAP ECC system will last until 2027, SE16N already encourages to conversion from the previously used system to a solution such as SAP S / 4HANA. SE16N specialists carry out a complete conversion of the existing SAP system to the S / 4HANA system. The offer is addressed to all customers who want to change their current system to SAP S / 4HANA.

    We carry out the conversion in the following scenarios:

    • Greenfield - for clients who implement a new system or migrate from another system,
    • Brownfield - for customers who intend to migrate from the current SAP ERP system to S / 4HANA,
    • Shell Conversion - for customers who decide to convert by transferring a copy of the production system to S / 4HANA without master and transaction data.
  • SAP virtualization using Vmware

    SAP virtualization using Vmware

    Virtualization is the answer to unused hardware resources that take up space and energy, and to avoid the risk of unavailability of the necessary resources. SAP customers use virtualization to reduce hardware and energy costs and increase the utilization of their own equipment. Specialists from SE16N conduct an analysis of the client's environment in terms of resource consumption. On this basis, they propose solutions that will optimize the use of hardware through virtualization. Virtualization ensures high security of the environment, because it allows creating solutions in such a way as to avoid single points of failure. All of this is implemented based on SAP best practices. Virtualization builds a scalable environment with high availability. Reducing costs is an undoubted advantage of virtualization, because by using less resources, we get high performance that we currently need. This also translates into easier administration as the virtualized architecture becomes a more simplified environment.

  • SAP application virtualization

    SAP application virtualization

    We make virtualizations of any SAP applications, thanks to which they can be used in various environments and operating systems. Thanks to virtualization, costs related to system adaptation are reduced, and the use of SAP applications is possible on any number of servers. SAP application virtualization also avoids programming errors, which protects operating systems and other SAP applications. Using SAP application virtualization also means using fewer resources.

    Our consultants use the SAP application virtualization process in the case of migrating operating systems. Applications are transferred between servers without the need for installation, which significantly speeds up the work.

  • Performance tests

    Performance tests

    We conduct tests thanks to which we can diagnose the performance requirements of the SAP system. In order for SAP applications to run smoothly, we conduct simulations that check the customer's environment during the expected loads. Performance tests evaluate the reaction time of SAP application behavior. After testing, we will receive information related to the stability of the SAP system behavior and the speed of software operation on user interactions. Performance tests validate customer critical transaction responses. By checking the behavior of the system when testing its performance under various loads, we can make the necessary decisions about the shape of the architecture of our system, which will allow us to prepare the environment in accordance with the requirements of users.

  • Archiving


    Currently, corporate data is growing so quickly that its occupancy can reduce system performance and response time.

    You can consider increasing the availability of the system by increasing the infrastructure resources, but it is an expensive operation, and the prospect of a growing volume means that in the near future it will be necessary to consider the expenses for another expansion.

    The SE16N company proposes a solution that aims to use the current infrastructure in accordance with its optimal application thanks to the possibility of archiving historical data.

    The archiving carried out by our specialists is the transfer of older or less used data to slower and cheaper data carriers or external resources. Thanks to selective data archiving without waiting for volume saturation, we can immediately improve the efficiency of the system. The database will be given more storage space and the time to back up or restore the system to the state before the crash will be significantly improved. SE16N recommends periodic archiving in order to improve system performance and reduce costs for the purchase of new equipment.



    From the point of view of GDPR compliance, data storage is very important. However, how to meet the archiving regulations and maintain the system's operation at the highest level without the need to invest in expanding the infrastructure due to constant data increases.

    Here comes the SAP Information Lifecycle Management tool for automated information lifecycle management.

    SAP ILM is a one-stop archiving administration solution. The tool actively controls the storage and deletion of data in accordance with the principles of data history preservation based on legal regulations.

    SAP ILM has the ability to automate archiving and deletion of data using custom rules that can be adapted to the customer's business profile. Such a possibility arises, among others thanks to data transfer to the retention warehouse. To meet legal requirements and keep only the appropriate data on resources, it is necessary to introduce an action plan, preferably combined with the automation of key rules, so that the system environment functions without redundant data occupancy that can be archived or deleted.

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