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We are a reliable provider of support services

We work as a team – the combination of skills, competencies, knowledge and experience of our consultants makes us quick to respond. Software update, backup management, database maintenance or daily IT environment monitoring – these are our specialties. Putting systems administration in the hands of SE16N minimizes your technological problems.

In addition, you gain access to modern technologies and we will reduce your costs related to software maintenance. Together, we will minimize the risk of failure and make SAP administration cheaper.

We provide services within an agreed SLA (i.e. agreed response and implementation time); we assign a service supervisor, organize regular meetings, provide services based on the agreed scope; additional maintenance work beyond the selected package is carried out based on a Time and Materials agreement. We serve our clients in four languages: Polish, English, German and Russian. We have hundreds of certifications in ​​SAP, AWS, Azure, GCP as well as project management, modules, and developer certifications. The proof of our expertise and quality is references from the world's largest brands.

Our offer

  • Maintenance 24/7

    Maintenance 24/7

    A rapid response to a failure is precious - even a short downtime of SAP may prevent your company from operating. Whilst our standard support model is 5/8 (5 days a week, 8 hours a day), we can also individually agree the days and hours to fit your requirements, or you can choose Smart Monitoring, which is 24/7 support.

    This service ensures constant monitoring of systems carried out by consultants of the Customer Service Center, around the clock. Using a modern monitoring system, they have access to current information about the systems (as many as 1,800 different parameters), monitoring among others, operating systems, databases, applications, and the SAP system. This enables us to automatically detect any system threats, reducing downtime as well as response time to a failure.

  • Maintenance of SAP systems

    Maintenance of SAP systems

    Relationships with customers, resources, purchasing processes or infrastructure - all these elements affect the final shape of the company and its development.

    SE16N specialists administer each IT system that supports management in your company to catch errors in individual transactions.

    The maintenance and support of solutions such as ERP, CRM or S / 4HANA enables us to monitor the SAP Business Technology Platform. We act proactively: we place great emphasis on the daily control of the SAP environment in our monitoring system and minimize the likelihood of failure. This is to ensure the efficiency, effectiveness and security of business processes in your enterprise.

  • Maintaining in the Cloud model

    Maintaining in the Cloud model

    Your company is developing dynamically and needs a more efficient system? Do you want to reduce your server or software investment? You are probably either planning to migrate your data to the cloud or have already implemented this solution. No wonder, because Cloud is a reliable and cost-effective model for maintaining a SAP system: you only pay for the services you use and significantly reduce your infrastructure expenditure.

    Our specialists will not only transfer the system to a virtual environment, but will also effectively manage it. For this purpose, we use both SAP tools and the mechanisms of a given cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP). This allows us to optimize the implementation of tasks such as system maintenance, error search, failure removal, data backup and restoration.

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