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AWS Partnership

Cooperation with Amazon Web Services allowed us to develop the best methods of safe and efficient work performance at the highest level. The long path we have covered from on-premis infrastructure to the cloud on many projects has developed our competences and allowed us to obtain Advanced Consulting Partner - it is a unique distinction, confirming our experience and professional approach to the client.

Our consultants are seniors with several years of experience who have AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional certificates. Our partnership allows us to run projects based on the competitive MAP (Migration Acceleration Program) benefits program, thanks to which we offer numerous financial benefits.

All these advantages mean that we implement projects taking into account AWS best practices, while maintaining the best price on the market!

Our offer

  • SAP on AWS - our specialty!

    SAP on AWS - our specialty!

    • We implement the most complex SAP solutions to the AWS cloud;
    • We move systems to the cloud or from the cloud to the selected on-premise solution;
    • We will do a comprehensive audit of the AWS cloud solution from SAP software to infrastructure;
    • We will optimize the expected performance and adjust the best cost level;
    • We will take care of the overall maintenance of systems, including the SAP software layer.
  • Migration of infrastructure to the AWS cloud

    Migration of infrastructure to the AWS cloud

    We will move the systems to the cloud and make sure that the solution is cost-effective. Each client who implements a cloud solution and starts using new services in this cloud starts another gear for the development of his own business.

    SE16N specialists at every stage of the project explain and implement solutions in accordance with the client's needs and maintaining the best AWS practices.

    Key steps of the migration process:

    1. Together with the client, we conduct an inventory of the migrated environment. We estimate the costs and create the initial business concept. We use appropriate tools depending on the size of the environment
    2. We analyze the client's capabilities to carry out the migration process so as to best help in the digital transformation. Our reports include:
    • environment monitoring - we use client tools such as CMDB or Discovery;
    • determination of the Landing Zone in AWS in accordance with the Best Practices
    • establishing a Center of Excellence together with the Client, which oversees the migration process;
    • verification of Safety and Compliance requirements;
    • building together with the client a model of operation in the cloud that will help to use it effectively;
    • creating a detailed migration plan, initial migration of the representative systems of the client, during which the client acquires knowledge about the process and has an immediate opportunity to recognize the first benefits of migration.
    1. We migrate systems in accordance with the prepared plan.
    2. After completing the project, the client can count on our support in the form of maintaining systems in the cloud.
  • Disaster Recovery on AWS cloud

    Disaster Recovery on AWS cloud

    For customers who are wondering how to build a cheap DR solution, we recommend the AWS solution. With AWS, there is no need to have and maintain servers, arrays, switches, routers and other equipment in a remote location. All you need is a backup and… a few lines of code.

    Our Infrastructure as a Code solution will create a new environment in a few hours, recreate backups and bring them back to work far beyond the disaster domain: Germany?, Ireland? United States? Or maybe Singapore? The choice is up to the customer.

  • Backup and archiving in the cloud

    Backup and archiving in the cloud

    Maintain AWS cloud backups on S3 or Glacier assets, gaining durability at 99.999999999%. Thus, having a backup in three isolated places. We help you safely move to the cloud and make sure that the solution is competitively priced and functionally unrivaled compared to on-premise backup.

  • Maintaining systems in the cloud

    Maintaining systems in the cloud

    Based on our experience and best practices from the largest financial institutions in Poland, we will take care of the comprehensive maintenance of the systems. Our clients deal with business and we deal with their systems.

  • AWS Customer Environment Review (AWS Well-Architected Review)

    AWS Customer Environment Review (AWS Well-Architected Review)

    A well-managed cloud environment is efficient, secure, and highly available. However, any neglect in the management process may lead to significant financial losses, loss of corporate image, or an increase in other business costs.

    As a Advanced Consulting Partner, we offer the AWS Well-Architected Review service. It consists of an analysis of the condition of selected cloud services and recommendations for corrective actions based on 5 elements:

    • Operational Excellence
    • Security
    • Reliability
    • Performance
    • Cost optimization

    The service is offered by trained and certified employees with an average of 15 years of highly advanced IT experience.

  • AWS for Government Institutions

    AWS for Government Institutions

    Cooperation with government institutions requires a special approach to security issues. In this area, we offer solutions at the highest level. Not only because of the demanding internal organizational standards, but also thanks to the appropriate selection of experienced engineers working together with government agencies and financial institutions.

    Our specialists, thanks to years of experience, are solidly familiar with the regulations in this industry. Working together with government and financial institutions, we rely on 5 elements of the AWS Well-Architected Review process, with particular emphasis on security issues. At the same time, we propose solutions that minimize losses in system performance. A very restrictive security policy may lead to a slowdown in the operation of systems, but thanks to our knowledge of the subject, we introduce solutions to protect against such a scenario.

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