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At SE16N we have a recipe for improving various aspects of your business.

We will implement Celonis software that analyzes digital traces that individual business processes "imprint" in the client's system infrastructure. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to track the timeliness and mode of project implementation, identify activities that consume the most resources or analyze gaps in a specific process (e.g., low work efficiency). The undoubted benefit is the insight into how a given process operates in a specific environment such as SAP, Microsoft, or Oracle. It is also possible to optimize it, for example, by updating the applications used. But that is not all, because SE16N will prepare a report containing key indicators for your company. On this basis, we will analyze the current situation and propose appropriate solutions to reduce bugs. You will increase the efficiency of your activities. You will reduce your operating costs. You will improve the quality of customer service. This will improve your competitive edge!

Our offer

  • Process mapping

    Process mapping

    "I have no words to describe it" is a nuisance not only for novice writers. Dozens of written sticky notes, diagrams drawn on boards or kilometers long e-mail correspondence make business processes even more complex. And yet mapping is the first step to automation!

    Ideally, each employee can understand the procedures of a particular sector or department. Creating a model of these mechanisms integrates the existing structures, as well as enables their monitoring and optimization.

    The SE16N connects to systems that perform existing processes. On this basis, we "translate" them into a graphic form, creating a map and a dashboard to illustrate business processes along with existing gaps.

  • Process optimization

    Process optimization

    Process mapping enables quick and easy identification of areas for improvement. At this stage, after the dashboard has been developed, SE16N analyzes issues that will help to set new (or "only" modify the existing) strategies.

    Which processes are the most expensive? Which activities cause customer dissatisfaction? Are there processes that can be automated? What mechanisms can be simplified? Answers to these and other questions are the key to optimizing the procedures on which the company's policy is based. Based on the results and conclusions of the analyzes, we propose appropriate solutions that will streamline and improve business processes in the enterprise.

  • Preparation of S/4HANA migration

    Preparation of S/4HANA migration

    S/4HANA offers a range of capabilities to help you keep pace with the digital transformation of your business.

    Improving efficiency, better availability and service levels, or greater productivity by introducing automated operations - these are just a few of the many reasons for migration.

    The use of the Celonis system ensures transparency of "end-to-end" processes in the system environment, eliminates gaps in existing and future business processes and reduces the risk of failure of the migration. At SE16N, we'll prepare your company's current environment for the transition to S/4HANA.

  • Process analysis for automation

    Process analysis for automation

    Repeatability of procedures, high probability of human error, number of employees involved in a specific action or activity - the analysis of such indicators allows us to indicate processes that are worth computerizing. We take into account whether the investment in robotization will prove profitable for your company!

    Celonis enables the implementation of automation processes that are intelligent, scalable, easy to control and develop (you do not need a team of IT experts). This function not only eliminates manual procedures or activities, but also prompts and creates automated workflow solutions to improve the efficiency of the entire enterprise. The system allows you to perform automatic processes (up to 5,000 per hour!), Which are resistant to changes in the user interface and easily scalable to many systems in the organization.

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