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Data growth has become so large and fast today that it often exceeds the time needed for detailed analysis. To meet business requirements and provide properly selected data that will become the basis for making business decisions, tools are needed that will help prepare reports, and their form will provide the right information in a transparent manner.

Thanks to the functions of Business Intelligence tools, SE16N specialists will provide key business analysis for the client.

Our experience allows for comprehensive solutions in the field of administration of large amounts of data, as well as their modeling and presentation on transparent dashboards. We deal with the integration of data types from multiple sources and the configuration of data warehouses based on SAP HANA Data Warehousing and SAP BW / 4HANA technology.

Our offer

  • Power BI

    Power BI

    Our portfolio of analytical services is based on SAP Technology components. It is also possible to implement SAP as part of on-premise solutions, as well as modern cloud solutions. Together with the client, we conduct an inventory of the migrated environment. We estimate the costs and create the initial business concept. We use appropriate tools depending on the size of the environment. We analyze the client's capabilities to carry out the migration process so as to best help in the digital transformation.

    We offer the following analytical services:

    • building data flows for BW and BW / 4HANA,
    • HANA Native reporting solutions (calculation views),
    • implementation of batch data sources (ERP ODP extractors) or real-time, e.g., SLT, SDI, SDA,
    • building BW reports based on BW Inquiries,
    • implementation of Business Intelligence tools (including Analysis for Excel, Business Objects BI Platform, Analytics Cloud, Lumira),
    • BW / 4HANA Conversion projects.
  • BW/4HANA


    A new data warehouse based on SAP HANA, which has tools for simple modeling while maintaining full functionality. Thanks to the possibility of consolidating data from the entire enterprise, we have the ability to create consistent views within the area of interest to us. BW / 4HANA allows you to integrate the application with other companies. The system is lighter and faster than others, the ability to generate reports by using a fast in-memory database results in the delivery of relevant information in real time. SE16N consultants implement the BW / 4HANA system in the cloud and on-premise.



    The constant increase in the amount of data means that our SAP environment may not work at the right speed. In order for large volumes of data to be processed in a fast and efficient manner, they need a powerful analytical engine, which is the SAP HANA platform. For many years we have been implementing new SAP business analytics systems based on the fast in-memory SAP HANA base. However, if you have SAP BW data warehouses with well-developed reporting structures and appropriate data models, you don't have to worry. Specialists from SE16N carry out the implementation so as not to disturb the solutions developed by the client.

  • SAP Analitics Cloud

    SAP Analitics Cloud

    A tool responsible for data visualization in the cloud. It is a product based on the SaaS model (software as a service), thanks to which we can visualize data, plan budgets and perform predictive analyzes. SAP Analitics Cloud allows you to create data reports that can come from various sources. This can be data collected in real time of business operations or data stored in formatted files. Our specialists can help you with solutions for obtaining data from the SAP system, Odata services or databases. The obtained data can be modeled in accordance with business requirements so that their visualization and analysis is convenient for the business. We perform predictive and planning analyzes in accordance with the appropriate guidelines for specific branches of the company. All this within one SAP Analytics Cloud tool.

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