Payment gridlock for SAP
Ministry of Economic Development

Payment gridlock for SAP

Tool for compiling data on payment practices for annual reports.

  • What needs does this tool meet?

    On January 1st, 2020, the 'Act amending certain acts to reduce payment gridlocks. entered into force in Poland, the purpose of which is to reduce payment gridlocks and strengthen the position of creditors in commercial transactions. The legislator obliged entities to prepare a report on payment practices. The solution prepared by us allows for the preparation of a report on payment practices in accordance with the legal requirements of the act.

  • Why is this tool important?

    Failure to submit payment backlog reports by taxpayers on time will be treated as an offense for which they may be fined. The report should be submitted to the competent state administration bodies electronically after the end of the year, no later than by the end of January of the following year. Reports on payment practices will be published, which will allow to assess the risk of concluding commercial transactions with these entities by other market participants.

  • Who is the recipient of our solution?

    The obligation to submit a report applies to the largest taxpayers of corporate income tax (tax capital groups and companies with annual income exceeding EUR 50 million). The report should contain information on the value of receivables and liabilities, broken down into payment dates and the value of unrecognized receivables and liabilities not settled on contractual dates.

  • Benefits:

    • - easy and quick preparation of the report - reduction of the time needed to prepare the report to a minimum;
    • - the ability to analyze data on the company's payment practices;
    • - drill-down functions allow for quick determination of the details of the report items, including the possibility of manual correction of the report items;
    • - the ability to generate an XML file for import to an active form (in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Development).
  • Payment gridlocks products for the SAP system

    The solution includes the following:

    • - Report 'Report on Payment Practices' - used to prepare the report. The report allows you to select data by user-defined selection criteria and has the option of manual data correction with the function of exporting to a * .XML file;
    • - configuration panel that allows you to adjust the logic of the solution to individual customer requirements;
    • - end user documentation.
  • Implementation stages:

    TThe offered solution requires adjustment to the individual specificity of the process of settling receivables and / or liabilities realized in the SAP system in the case of partial and installment payments. Specialists from SE16N will guide you through the entire process of launching the tool in the SAP system:

    • - uploading transports containing programming solutions;
    • - launching and testing a new tool;
    • - uploading a correctly configured tool to the production environment;
    • - introducing the client to the methodology of creating reports.
  • Maintenance - SE16N Producer Support

    Due to the variability of regulations and the probability of a possible need for further adaptation of the implemented product, we also provide product producer support services. As part of the Producer Support service, we offer the right to receive solutions updates published by SE16N, during the term of the service.

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