TPR-C form for SAP
Ministry of Finance

TPR-C form for SAP

Our solution Settlement of TPR-C declarations enables correct preparation of TPR-C declarations in the SAP system. The result of the work done is an XML file that can be imported into an interactive PDF document provided by the Ministry of Finance.

  • TPR-C a good successor to the CIT-TP

    TPR-C is a new transfer pricing reporting form for legal entities. Entities with related entities in goods or financial transactions exceeding the limit of PLN 10 million net during the year, as well as service and other transactions with a value of at least PLN 2 million throughout the year.

  • A range of benefits

    The TPR-C form prepared by SE16N offers a whole list of tangible benefits:

    • convenient analysis of uploaded documents, including the option of excluding selected documents from the settlement
    • data entry into DB tables developed for the solution
    • possibility of creating many variants of settlement
    • preparation of a settlement correction
    • export of processed data to an XML file
    • the ability to adapt the solution to individual customer requirements
  • Quick setup

    No more cumbersome configuration process, with the SE16N solution the whole process is extremely simple:

    • configuration panel, which enables flexible assignment of FI document items to the TPR-C declaration settlement item
    • configuration of the resulting XML file in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Finance
    • easy adaptation of the solution in case of changing the data structure by the Ministry of Finance
    • FI documents, which are the basis for the development of the TRP-C declaration, can be loaded from three data sources: SAP tables (BKPF, BSEG, etc.), BW system, files (in any format, e.g. cvs, xlsx, etc.)
  • Easy program start

    In most cases, the TRP-C declaration settlement program can be run in the same way as the CIT-TP or ORD-U declaration settlement programs.

    • document analysis and display of settlement data on the statement
    • reading the last saved version
    • background processing with saving the result of document analysis to DB tables
    • selection of the settlement version and displaying the data on the statement
    • removal of settlements from DB tables
  • Document analysis

    Based on the configured TPR-C declaration settlement items, the program will read line items of general ledger accounts. Depending on the status of checking the 'Control version' field, data will be loaded for one or more partner companies. The processed data will be written to the DB tables. FI document items will be processed based on the following parameters:

    • business unit
    • posting date (period in which the document was posted)
    • a partnership
    • general ledger account
    • FI document type

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