Warsaw, May 14, 2019 at 09:30

Description and purpose of the training

SAP in the AWS cloud - listen to SE16N and AWS specialists and learn about the possibilities offered by the implementation and use of SAP systems in the AWS cloud.

Touch the Cloud.

The goals of the training include:

  • Familiarizing participants with the concepts and possibilities of solutions in the AWS cloud
  • Presentation of services available on the AWS platform
  • Showing the possibilities offered by the cloud in the case of implementation or migration of SAP systems
  • Presentation of experiences in the implementation of cloud projects using the AWS cloud
  • "Touching the Cloud" - prepared exercises in the AWS cloud for participants

Dedicated AWS accounts will be prepared for participants, which will enable them to conduct a technical workshop.

Training addressees

The training is aimed at:

  • Solution architects
  • Leaders of SAP and AWS teams interested in optimization of solutions in the AWS infrastructure.
  • Administrators of SAP and AWS systems

Basic requirements for participants

Participants should have basic knowledge of SAP systems and understand general issues related to infrastructure and the cloud.

It is required to have your own laptop during training.

The maximum number of participants from one company is 2 people.


Place of training

Hotel Intercontinental - Sala Puccini/Verdi, Emilii Plater Street 49, 00-125 Warsaw travel

Registration conditions

In order to apply, please fill in the form below.

After sending the application, you will receive an e-mail confirming the acceptance of the application.

Confirmation / No confirmation of participation in the training will be sent by April 30, 2019.

Training plan


  • 09: 30-10: 00 - Registration
  • 10: 00-10: 30 - Session 1 - Beginning - introductory session
  • 10: 30-11: 15 - Session 2 - Introduction to AWS services
  • 11: 15-12: 00 - Session 3 - SAP in AWS from experience
  • 12: 00-12: 45 - Lunch break
  • 12: 45-13: 30 - Session 4 - AWS Services for SAP
  • 13: 30-14: 15 - Session 5 - AWS - practical workshop (part 1)
  • 14: 15-14: 30 - Coffee break
  • 14: 30-16: 45 - Session 5 - AWS - practical workshop (part 2)
  • 16: 45-17: 00 - Summary and conclusion


► SESSION 1 - Beginning - introductory session

Presentation of the leaders and the purpose of the workshop

Interesting facts about IT and the cloud.

Prelegents: Tomasz Starzec AWS

► SESSION 2 - Introduction to AWS services

Presentation of AWS development and the road for the coming years.

Technical presentation of the range of services available on AWS.

Prelegents: Rafał Michalski AWS

► SESSION 3 - SAP in AWS from experience

Presentation of the experience gained in specific implementation projects and migration of SAP systems to the cloud.

What challenges have we faced, how have we achieved flexibility and cost optimization, and are we able to count them.

Prelegents: Sebastian Biedroń SE16N

► SESSION 4 - AWS services for SAP

Description of services in AWS used by SAP systems.

Presentation of technical details, SAP certified solutions and optimization provided by AWS to SAP Systems.

Prelegents: Rafał Michalski AWS

► SESSION 5 - AWS - practical workshop

Practical workshop using AWS accounts created especially for participants.

Each participant will receive a description of exercises to be performed on the AWS portal.

Exercises will also be presented and performed by the workshop leader.

Prelegents: Marcin Pacyna SE16N



SE16N sp. o.o. is a unique consulting company which specializes in providing IT services around SAP technology, customer infrastructure maintenance and provision of services in the cloud. We have been successfully combining innovation and reliability for years. We implement modern and very solidly delivered projects for the largest brands.

Our solutions are created by a team of over 50 experienced consultants. We provide services based on the best SAP technology solutions around databases, integration, and technical management of the SAP system. We provide our clients with comprehensive assistance, ranging from IT system audit, recommendation and implementation of solutions, to education and user support, and a 24-hour Help Desk.

Check our comprehensive approach to the client and implement your project with us. We will provide quality at the highest level!

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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud services platform that offers computing power, database hosting, content delivery services, and many other products and services that help you easily scale and grow your business.

Amazon Web Services is currently the largest IaaS cloud provider (ahead of others, i.e. Microsoft and IBM), with over 1,000,000 customers, which is used by over 600 government agencies around the world and such well-known brands as Spotify, Netflix, IMdB, or NASA.

The dynamics of AWS cloud development is evidenced by the fact that every year several hundred new Amazon Web Services functionalities are created.

SE16N sp. o.o. has the AWS partner status.

SAP Polska sp. z o.o.

SAP is a leading provider of business applications all over the world. The number of clients who have used SAP solutions since the company started operations has been growing continuously. SAP has created a wide partner network. Currently it relies on over 17000 partners worldwide.

SE16N sp. o.o. has the status of a silver SAP partner.

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