AWS Cloud Technology Services

Every person in our team has over 13 years of IT experience. We went through the numerous processes of transformation from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. We developed our competencies in local data centers. We know the challenges our clients meet on-premise such as security, high availability, and disaster recovery. We correctly understand how deep is the transformation our clients are going through. We crossed that bridge when one comes to it — knowing all the traps and dangers we can help you to avoid it.

Size of systems migrated to AWS

4780 VCPU / 38900 GB RAM / 161000 GB HDD

AWS Certificates

38 AWS associate, professional, and specialty certificates gained last year

Our offer

  • SAP ON AWS - Our preserve!

    SAP ON AWS - Our preserve!

    • Implementation of the Client's SAP solution to AWS.
    • Migration of clients systems to the cloud or from the cloud to the on-premise solution selected by the client.
    • A comprehensive audit of clients AWS cloud solution from SAP software to the infrastructure. Support in the improvement of expected performance, or reduction in the level of costs.
    • Overall maintenance of client systems to the SAP software layer.
  • Migration of infrastructure to the AWS cloud

    Migration of infrastructure to the AWS cloud

    We will transfer your systems to the cloud and make sure that the solution is cost-effective, safe, and productive. Everyone who implements a cloud solution and starts to use the following services in this cloud enables the next step for the development of their own business.

  • Disaster Recovery solutions in the AWS cloud

    Disaster Recovery solutions in the AWS cloud

    For the clients who are interested in building a cost-effective DR solution, AWS is just for them. With AWS - servers, arrays, switches, routers, and other equipment in a remote location are no longer required. All that is needed is a backup and some lines of code. Our solution - Infrastructure as a Code - will create a new environment within a few hours, recreate backups, and restore them to operate far beyond the disaster domain: Germany? Ireland? The United States? Alternatively, maybe Singapore? The choice belongs to the client.

  • Backup and archiving to the cloud

    Backup and archiving to the cloud

    Maintain AWS cloud backups on S3 or Glacier resources, gaining durability at 99.999999999%. Thus, having a backup in three isolated places. We will help to move the client's data safely into the cloud and ensure that the solution is competitively priced. We can also guarantee much better functionality in comparison to on-premise.

  • Maintenance of systems in the cloud

    Maintenance of systems in the cloud

    Based on our experience and the best practices from the largest financial institutions in Poland, we will take care of the overall maintenance of client systems. Our clients take care of their business; we will take care of our client's infrastructure.

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