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Case Study


LPP SA is the largest Polish company manufacturing clothes in Central and Eastern Europe.

Client overview

LPP manages recognizable clothing brands. The products of company are present in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and continuous development contributes to sales growth both in stores and on-line shops. In 2017 alone, they sold more than 170 million pieces of clothing and accessories, reaching revenue of almost 1.7 billion euro.

Primary Client objective

Having some of the most recognized brands worldwide, an enormous database of clients and a need for fast production and distribution, the pressure and competition is very high in the clothing industry. Staying on top of the game requires something that brings competitive advantages and also support systems for continuous growth.

Therefore, the challenge that LPP had was to have new functionalities integrated into the same system for improved business processes, simplifying their real-time database processing, reporting, analysis, and upgraded security for SAP systems.

Our solutions

The solution SE16N provided was upgrading the S/4Hana from the 1511 version to 1709 FSP01.

This helped them in multiple areas, the main ones being:

  • Upgraded security level, which was necessary considering the large database and information they own and the necessity for protection as a business;
  • Activation of new functionalities, because they have a specific strategy and need tools and software to support it, all of these integrated into one single system;
  • Streamline of business processes to be fast and accurate at all times;
  • Enhanced flexibility in reporting and analysis of the business data.

Key Project Activities

The collaboration went smoothly and according to the plan was comprised of the following key activities:

  • Analysis of the needs of the business;
  • Planning of when the upgrading needs to happen and what functionalities need to be integrated;
  • Implementation of the plan and ensuring full functionality of the system and application;
  • Project documentation and support.

The Benefits

The upgrading project helped LPP to maintain its competitive edge as a business. Having the software tools updated, with new functionalities in place, allowed the processes to happen smooth and fast and to incorporate new ones without disrupting the business.

The results of the upgrading could be seen in three main areas:

  • Reduced database size;
  • Systems update;
  • Increased security for SAP systems.


Entrusted works were performed in accordance with our requirements, and above all in accordance with the SAP Polska guidelines. The cooperation went smoothly and efficiently, guaranteeing us high quality of service and timely execution of orders. We can recommend SE16N as a reliable partner with an experienced and qualified team of consultants.

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