Polska Spółka Gazownictwa

Upgrade SAP Systems and migration the SAP environments to the HANA Database

Polska Spółka Gazownictwa

Case Study

Polska Spółka Gazownictwa

Polska Spółka Gazownictwa or in short PSG is the largest gas distribution system operator in Europe and the National Operator of the Gas Distribution System in Poland.

Client overview

PSG has over 11.5 thousand employees, operates throughout the Polish lands and distributes gas through 185,000 km of gas pipelines.

PSG is a modern company with rich traditions, drawing experience from over 160 years of gas history. The tasks of PSG include conducting network traffic, expansion, maintenance and repairs of networks and devices, measuring the quality and quantity of gas transported.

Primary Client objectives

The big responsibility that PSG holds towards Poland as a country puts pressure on it to provide gas services through the most optimized methods. In order for this to happen, the company needed to ensure it has systems in place to support the demanding mission that it has.

Therefore, it has been identified that PSG needed an extensive digital transformation project in order to upgrade their SAP Systems to the highest version and SPS level and to migrate the SAP environments to the HANA Database.

Our solutions

The solution offered by SE16N was according to what PSG needed in order to carry out their work more effectively and cost-efficient.

The digital transformation that PSG underwent aimed to cover more issues and to offer:

  • Optimization of the existing licenses in order for the company to be able to work with the latest tools;
  • New functionalities that provide the perfect resources for further business development;
  • The possibility to analyze a large volume of data in real-time;
  • Reduced costs for the technical infrastructure by optimizing the IT environment;
  • Acceleration of systems running and business processes, by implementing new technological solutions that enhances the overall business performance;
  • Infrastructure replacement that allows the organization to keep up with the needs of their market and become more digital.

Key Project Activities

As part of the project, SE16N has ensured the following:

  • A landscape review of the PSG’s SAP systems;
  • Systems upgrades to the following versions: SAP ERP - ECC 6.0 EHP 08, SAP CRM - 7.0 EHP 4, SAP BW - NetWeaver 7.5;
  • Operating Systems & Database migration of SAP systems and upgrade to the target component;
  • Preparation of the blueprint needed in upgrading and migrating the SAP system environment;
  • Supporting the client's acceptance tests and solving issues during the project in the area of SAP BASIS;
  • Supporting and problem-solving in functional areas of the company;
  • Supporting and error resolution in the ABAP programming area;
  • Implementation of the configuration of HA / DR reliability mechanisms for SAP HANA systems in accordance with PSG expectations;
  • Conducting tests of switching technical centers and tests to restore backup/restore SAP system environments;
  • Project documentation and support.

The Benefits

The collaboration between these two entities has resulted in PSG having the required tools to carry out its mission. The technical upgrades have improved tremendously the company’s workflows. They have also made PSG more digitally adequate to today’s business requirements.

The main areas where the improvements have been seen are:

  • ABAP codes optimization;
  • Faster business processes;
  • Reduced database size;
  • New hardware infrastructure;
  • Financial savings based on hardware;
  • Licensing and service;
  • Acceleration in the field of business processes;
  • Systems update and increased security for SAP systems.


We can recommend the SE16N company as a solid implementation specialist with a competent and experienced team of consultants. In our opinion, the company SE16N is a professional and reliable contractor.

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