Dive Culture - at SE16N we develop competence by combining adventure with the right dose of knowledge.

As one of the first in Europe, we have experienced virtual reality (VR) by playing the role of several submarine crews.

We assumed the roles of a captain, engineer, navigator, and armaments expert.

🛥 We sailed in hostile waters, we repelled enemy units ⚔️, we participated in rescue missions 🏝,

We have seen for ourselves how the knowledge of competences and the sense of autonomy of a team member strengthens their commitment and how important is the precision of communication in the success of each mission.

In virtual conditions, we learned:

  • 🤝 how to build trust in team members,
  • 🗣 ​​precise communication,
  • 💪 joint responsibility for the effects,
  • 👌 how to make difficult decisions under strong pressure of casu and circumstances,
  • 💪 and above all, how to optimally use the potential hidden in the team 🏆

We realized that what you did with what you said was more important than what you said 😉.

How 'thinking aloud', that is communicating intentions, brings the teams closer to the model of cooperation based on the leader-leader principle, and not on the traditional leader-performer model.

All this with za Virtual Reality glasses. The "DiveCulture" training (https://dive.4results.pl/start) organized by 4results is an innovative method of developing leadership competences based on the experience of the American submarine captain David Marquet!

Marquet completely changed the model of managing his people, thanks to which he turned one of the worst boats in the US fleet - the Santa Fe, into the best submarine - he did it in just 9 months!

He described his experiences in the book "Change the Course": https://www.4results.pl/produkt/zmien-kurs/

We invite you to watch the statements from our workshops:

And a few photos:

Dive Culture SE16N

Dive Culture SE16N

Dive Culture SE16N

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