SAP Technology Services

As a company, we have been focusing on the specialized field of SAP technology for many years. However, what we are offering now to our clients is an extension of that. We have continued to master SAP technology not only with a focused specialization but also by combining it with the highest level of AWS, Azure or Google cloud and IBM Power System expertise.

SAP Experience

20 000 000 lines of code / 1000+ SAP Installations / 30+ HANA projects / 31 000+ support hours

SAP Competency

SAP Competency as one of two companies in the region approved by over 150 SAP Certs and SAP Partnership

Our offer

  • Installation


    As part of our service, we install new systems from the SAP Business Suite family (ERP, CRM, PLM, SRM, SCM) and SAP NetWeaver (BW, EP, PI, MDM, GW, IDM, SSO, CE, CS). Depending on the chosen solution and the initial requirements, we determine together with the client an installation model, a shared communication to find an optimum solution that ensures the continuity of the production process and the achievement of the final target architecture.

  • Upgrade


    The technical upgrade is the process of boosting the SAP system environment components by utilizing both the existing functionality and the dialogue of solutions with our clients. Together we develop a project plan and the technical concept of the upgrade to launch it, and adapt the dictionary and programming objects. We migrate systems to Unicode, as well as support dimension of the target environment and propose how to go through the process of an upgraded project. In this operation, we take into account other systems and mutual relationships between them. As one of the few companies on the market, we have the SAP E2E Program Manager Technical Upgrade Management certificate, which confirms our competence in the area of performing and conducting technical upgrade projects.

  • Patching


    We provide services to update SAP environments to the latest versions of components in the area of operating systems, databases, kernel, and SAP elements. Systems are consistently monitoring on an ongoing basis, and EWA (EarlyWatch Alert Report) recommendations are implemented in the systems.

  • ABAP Development

    ABAP Development

    Our offer also includes ABAP and WebDynpro ABAP programming practices. By designing and creating our solutions, we focus on the maximum use of the SAP standard. We offer the following programming services in the SAP area:

    • Analysis, design, and implementation of client solutions for the SAP system
    • Development of the existing SAP environment
    • Extensions of SAP standards
    • Analysis, development, and execution of performance tests
    • Creation of extractors for Data Warehouses
    • Creation and verification of detailed technical documentation
    • Design of business solutions from the technical side
    • Expert consultations
  • SAP 4/HANA Data Migration

    SAP 4/HANA Data Migration

    We provide a full range of services supporting S/4HANA implementation process. Our S/4HANA migration services are based on SAP Best Practices and SAP Activate methodology. Full scope of services includes:

    • Technical landscape requirement analysis and setup
    • Technical Conversion of SAP ERP 6.0 to S/4HANA
    • Custom Code adjustment
    • SAP S/4HANA Master Data migration using Migration Cockpit (Cloud and onPremise) or Winshuttle tools
    • Master Data Management
  • Integration


    As a part of our service, we offer integration of SAP system environments with each other, as well as with third-party methods. According to SAP recommendations, we use the SAP integration bus (Process Orchestration). Due to this, we can design and implement safe and highly reliable solutions. We offer the following integration services:

    • Technical installation and configuration of SAP Process Orchestration
    • Analysis, design, and creation of interfaces between systems using the SAP Process Orchestration
    • Integration with the use of modern technologies (including SAP Proxy, SOAP, WebService, JDBC, Plain HTTP (S), Mail, JMS, Marketplace, File / FTP)
    • Creation of interfaces for external systems directly from the SAP ERP system (without the use of an integration bus)
    • Creation of interfaces to internal systems straight from the SAP ERP system (without the use of an integration bus)
  • Analytics


    Our analytics services portfolio is based on SAP Technology components. We offer on-premise implementations as well as modern cloud solutions. We offer the following analytics services:

    • Development of BW and BW/4HANA data flows
    • HANA Native reporting solutions (calculation views)
    • Implementation of batch (ERP ODP Extractors) or real-time data sources, i.e., SLT, SDI, SDA
    • Reports development based on BW Query
    • Business Intelligence tools implementation (including Analysis for Excel, Business Objects BI Platform, Analytics Cloud, Lumira)
    • BW/4HANA Conversion projects
  • UX


    We offer our clients the opportunity to transfer the entire SAP environment to the AWS (Amazon Web Services), Azure or Google cloud. Our cloud and SAP architects will design the optimal hardware, logical, and network architecture in your cloud.

  • Identity Management

    Identity Management

    We offer the following programming services in the Identity Management area:

    • Implementation of GRC Access Control processes (Emergency Access Management, Business Role Management, Access Request)
    • SAP Netweaver IDM integration scenarios implementation (AD, CUA, ABAP, JAVA, HANA)
    • SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication setup for cloud and hybrid scenarios
  • System copy

    System copy

    The electronic copy of SAP systems guarantees security in the event of data failure or loss. Apart from the standard approach and data placement in the local infrastructure, we offer a backup of data to the AWS, Azure or Google cloud. Besides, we can implement projects to launch the Data Recovery Centre at Amazon Web Services. This approach minimizes the cost of maintaining the infrastructure and increases security in the event of any failure.

  • Migration


    Migration of SAP environments is a service offered to clients who need to change either the technical platform or improve the database in the SAP system environment. Our offer includes joint preparation of the schedule, the concept of migration and migration by itself of the SAP system environment. In the case of the SAP ERP environment, we recommend migration and upgrade of existing SAP ERP systems to the SAP HANA platform. The target version of the ERP system is 6.0 EHP 8 with the latest SPS available at the time of the upgrade. Our competencies are proved by certificates in the area of SAP OS/DB migration.

  • Hosting


    We offer our clients the opportunity to transfer the entire SAP environment to the AWS, (Amazon Web Services), Azure or Google cloud. Our cloud and SAP architects will design the optimal hardware, logical, and network architecture in your cloud.

  • Audit


    We offer an audit of technical areas in the SAP environment. If a client wants to ensure that their system is stable and properly configured, we can check it on demand. We also provide verification and audit services for project documentation in the technical area and audit of the legal use of SAP licenses. We offer the following audit services:

    • Technical review - professional check of the SAP environment
    • Programming audit - ABAP query analysis
    • Audit of administrative procedures
    • Inspection of a programming documentation
    • SAP license audit
  • Sizing


    By opting for the migration of SAP systems to the SAP HANA platform, our support, competence, and experience are of crucial importance when dimensioning equipment, architecture design, as well as data export and import.

  • Technical Blueprint

    Technical Blueprint

    Our team of SAP architects can assist in the preparation and design of the optimal IT architecture of client SAP environment, responding to business requirements, and using the latest SAP components.

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